Our key purpose is to make investment better for savers and investors, for companies and their employees, and for the economy. That way, everyone prospers. Our initiatives highlight issues our members care about or are trying to change in the world around us.

Sometimes, they also shine a light on industry issues that need addressing – for example, increasing diversity and promoting inclusion. Or improving standards and industry best practice, or celebrating the investment industry’s achievements.

We work hard to identify topics of industry interest, or topics which research shows will help the investment industry – and, above all, the clients and customers it serves – to thrive. To that end, we’re continually asking our members for their views and, where necessary, taking action. If we think something needs to change, we do something about it.


Stewardship and Corporate Governance

Holding big business to account to ensure better run UK-listed companies, which ultimately achieve better returns on savers' money.


Culture is a key priority for the FCA and the IA. That's because poor culture is accepted as the major root cause for much of the investment industry's conduct failings.

Diversity and Inclusion

Opening up the industry to the potential and power of difference in the workplace.


Our industry talent solution focuses on widening access to diverse talent including school and college leavers, as well as graduates. Find out how to get involved.

Sustainability & responsible investment

The investment management industry is at a critical point in embracing sustainability. Social and environmental change is happening faster than ever.


The Investment Association and the members we represent aim to be completely open about our costs and charges.


Identifies and develops fintech start-ups, helping them to bring new technology to the investment management sector faster and more effectively, through intensive 6-month programmes that include support and mentoring.

INED club

Our iNED Club resource centre offers essential support and information for Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and on the FCA requirement to have a minimum of two directors and at least 25% of the board of authorised fund managers as independent NEDs.

Operational Resilience

Regulators are increasingly focusing on the resilience of firms, and their ability to continue delivering services to end consumers during times of disruption.